We are very strong in Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) techniques, which we constantly innovate to suit the audience and the times and; are very culturally sensitive, gender aligned and focused on the most vulnerable members of the society for lasting heath options. We apply a two-thronged methodology that combines social behaviour change communication and social marketing to reinforce behaviour change towards good practices.  Our close links with the communities means we understand and value the partnerships we have built with them. Our high impact services at the community level that deliver sustainable growth and has created engines of change, means that SFH Rwanda is an experienced and trusted organization that can deliver real change to the communities we work with. Over the years, we have developed Social Behaviour Change Communication Strategies to promote positive behaviors within the communities, which are appropriate to their settings and there by addressing Rwanda’s most pressing health issues. This has in turn provided a supportive environment that has enabled communities to initiate, sustain and maintain positive and desirable behaviour outcomes