This program is another key area of intervention for SFH Rwanda. SFH utilizes a social marketing approach to promote water purifying products known as Sur’Eau and P&G to communities with limited access to clean and safe water. We also conduct behavior change communication to promote the use of clean water within households across Rwanda.

Through the Rwanda Social Marketing Program SFH empowers individuals and households to purify drinking water and practice proper hygiene and sanitation, safe drinking water is promoted via household water treatment, a water-quality intervention that employs proven, easy-to-use and inexpensive solutions appropriate for the Rwandan community setting, SFH conducts product demonstrations and community dialogues through hygiene clubs to sensitize communities on proper hygiene and sanitation, disseminate messages on promotion of hand washing with soap and clean  during critical moments (after using toilet/latrine, before preparing food, changing diapers, before breastfeeding) as well as the benefits of a clean latrine/toilet, and dangers of open defecation.