SFH partnership with CBOs

SFH Rwanda is committed to a strategy of using the growing network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to reach key populations (KEPs) or most at risk groups with health products and through Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) interventions in their communities. SFH leverages the existing partnership with CBOs and provides training materials on peer education, BCC and on Social Marketing (SM) technics for community based distribution. SFH also supports and supervises CBOs in order to ensure delivery of quality and effective interventions in SFH health areas.

CBOs play an important role in providing services at the community level due to their involvement in a variety of different areas such as education and health in addition to their core commitment. SFH is therefore committed to the wise management of CBOs to ensure effectiveness of their contribution to the community.

In partnership with SFH, CBOs conduct different prevention activities on malaria, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, safe water, family planning and also do distribution of SFH health products such as condoms (Plaisir & Prudence), Sur Eau and P&G.

SFH works with 100 CBOs at different levels depending on the capacity of the CBO. As of August 2014, among the 100 CBOs in partnership with SFH, 59 CBOs have signed contract with SFH either to conduct different health activities, or to do health products distribution or to do both. SFH conducts activities in all 30 districts of Rwanda and works with at least two to four CBOs in each districts of Rwanda.

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