The SC Johnson Base of the Pyramid Group enables mosquito-borne disease prevention in global communities by delivering affordable offerings that are tailored to the world’s poorest four billion people. Rwanda as other countries still have high rate of malaria incidence that need to be addressed. SC Johnson in partnership with Society for Family Health (SFH) Rwanda have joined the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Health in the malaria prevention and control using Social Behavior Change Communication and social marketing of mosquito repellents Baygon coil and off lotion. The program involved key stakeholder including health providers, CHWs to reach out the most vulnerable and hard to reach with malaria prevention messages, products as well as health care services close to the communities. By considering the most vulnerable and hard to reach, the program will also reach the refugee camps with SBC messages and distribute the treated bed nets as well as mosquito repellents.

The project will support the Government through the Ministry of Health to strengthen the health system by building Health Posts for easy and quality access to health care services.

In Additional, the project will building the capacity of of Community Health Workers who now playing a key role in malaria prevention and control and creating business opportunities through social marketing of its products, which brings economic empowerment of CHWs.