We utilize a social marketing approach to promote family planning contraceptives commonly known as “Confiance” which include pills and injectables. Social Behavior Change Communication activities address the unmet needs of families to limit and space births. SFH uses a number of approaches including;

  1. Mass media
  2. Community Based Organisations
  3. Mobile family planning services through mobile video units,
  4. Special events with men involvement and adolescent reproductive health events.
  5. Family Planning services at Community level

The mobile video units are conducted in high traffic areas to disseminate promotional and educational messages on family planning services including modern contraceptive methods while special events targeting men are conducted through football games organized to sensitize men as partners on Family Planning benefits as well as mobilize their support in regards to their spouse’s Family Planning choices and decisions. Adolescent and youth are targeted through reproductive health events, debates, songs, and poetry competitions. In addition, Under the BAHO NEZA project SFH is constructing health posts at cell level, among the key health care services provided by these healthcare posts is family planning.